TimLin’s Refuge

In Spring of 2018 “TimLin’s Refuge” was constructed by a team of family and friends in honor of Tim, his testimony and legacy. The refuge serves as a screened-in shelter and fellowship area for relaxation, rejuvenation and outdoor grilling attached to the main lodge and was a building project that Tim and Arnie were planning during Tim’s last trip to Rushing Wind in September of 2017.

The paragraph below is submitted by Arnie and Dee from Rushing Wind.

THOSE WE LOVE DON’T GO AWAY, THEY WALK BESIDE US EVERYDAY.  UNSEEN, UNHEARD, BUT ALWAYS NEAR, STILL LOVED, STILL MISSED STILL VERY DEAR.  Tim left his mark on the hearts of all who got to know him at Rushing Wind.  We are excited to see this shelter come to fruition that Tim and Arnie drew up for the 2018 Spring work project.  It will be a screened in shelter where people can gather and fellowship while potato chips and fish are being fried.  Tim was very open to sharing what God did in his life and that was a desire of his heart that others would come to the Lord.  This shelter will be built by the hands of love in hopes that Tim’s memory would live on for years to come till Jesus returns.


May 2018 – Construction Slideshow

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Sep 2018 – Update

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