The Tim Harder Memorial Fund

The Tim Harder Memorial Fund has been established to enable people to attend Rushing Wind Retreat Center, a fly-in fishing camp that Tim has been attending since 2010.

The camp has had a very dear place in Tim’s heart and he was always eager to make plans when spring was coming. Tim invested his time, expertise and finances into the camp, leading crews in completing many work projects on camp buildings and grounds. Almost every time he flew in he would bring hundreds of dollars of new high quality tools to use, and then donate them to camp for their future projects.

While Tim loved fishing and this was a big draw, the camp had impacted him much deeper on a heart level. It was a place of rest where he experienced God’s presence in the midst of nature, a place full of laughter, comradery and belonging; a place where everyone felt part of the family. Many times Tim would share his heart during the testimony times with tears streaming down his face… he shared about how God had changed his life, empowered him,  freed him from his addictions,  how He had touched, healed and provided for him and others.

One of his most repeated prayer requests in camp was that his wife Linda would be healthy enough to come with him to camp. Something God answered when they both attended together in the spring of 2017.

In recent years Tim shared his desire and plans to enable others to come to Rushing Wind, especially those who could not afford it themselves. He wanted them to experience what he had, and ultimately to experience God! He desired this so much that he often personally paid the way for others to attend.

This is also the heart of the Tim Harder Memorial Fund, that the monies donated would make it possible for many others to attend and gain the same joy and freedom Tim experienced in his life.

The Tim Harder Memorial Fund is administered by Maranatha Niverville Church (

Donations can be made online by clicking the donate button below or by *chequeCheques can be dropped off at the church or mailed to the church address below. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for donations of $20 or more, as well as an email confirmation when donating online.

*When donating via cheque, cheques should be made out to “Maranatha Niverville and placed in an envelope marked “Tim Harder Memorial Fund.” The memo field on cheque should remain blank.

Donate Button

Tim Harder Memorial Fund
c/o Maranatha Niverville
Box 130
99 Main Street
Niverville, MB, R0A 1E0



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